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Carrickfergus at one time was a far more important town than Belfast. The spectacular castle was built about 1180 by John de Courcy, is in excellent condition and open to the public.


SamCastle.jpg (28447 bytes)

"Castle Reflection" by a good friend of mine Sam Bell

I've seen many photographs of this fine castle but this one by Sam is one of the nicest.


"Knight Time" by Owen Brennan

Carrickfergus Castle taken in the mid 80's from accross the harbour. A new marina has been built since then and the old harbour is no longer in commercial use.


Billy3.JPG (19726 bytes)

King William lll landed in Carrickfergus before he set of to the
"Battle of the Boyne"



"Carrick Marina" by Owen Brennan

Carrickfergus Marina has all the facilities any boatowner could want and a setting that few other places could rival.


"Easter Snow" by Owen Brennan

Another view of Castle taken Easter 1998.



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