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Slemish hill near Ballymena is where Saint Patrick is said to have minded sheep when he was a slave in Ireland
(It's actually the "Plug" of an extinct volcano)

Hello there, my name is Owen Brennan, I enjoy photography and music. I like taking photos of my country and it's people and thought it would be nice to put them onto a web site for others to enjoy. Ireland is such a beautiful place photos hardly do it justice. It's difficult to capture in a small frame the glory of a whole panorama or just the feeling you got but sure that's the challenge.

An Image of Ireland can also be captured in a story, verse or a song so I'm thrilled to be able to add these to my site.

If you enjoy this site I'd really appreciate it if you would pass on the URL to a friend and if you have your own web site I'd love you to link to
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Photos of The Burren, County Clare by Philip Nevin

The Emigrants by Jack Scoltock from Derry 
A very moving account of the curse or the salvation of emigration.   

The Poetry of Patrick MacGill
The Navvy Poet from Donegal

Presbyterian Cow by Hazel McIntyre 
I really enjoyed this amusing short story by Donegal author Hazel.

"The Life of Riley"  
CD by Canadian Celtic/light rock band by the same name. Band leader Larry Riley's wife Sharon developed breast cancer and died during it's making. She sings two of the songs on the album and returned to the studio despite her illness to finish her vocals. Sharon made Larry promise to complete the album and donate the money to Cancer research. So far the group has raised  $35,000 with a target of $60,000.
You can help!

Browe's Puckan by Mattie Lennon
Comedy poem about a potent Wicklow goat. 

I Don't See Annie Anymore
by Owen Brennan about childhood holidays in Donegal and a special person, 
My godmother.

Childhood Memories in White Park Bay from Sheelagh McKay
Special memories from beautiful days in a piece of Irish heaven

The Killybegs Experience by Sara McClintick
beautifully detailed story of a trip to Killybegs,

The worlds best Oatcakes
(As Sampled in Killybegs, November 96)

Homemade vegetable soup just like my Aunt Eileen used to make


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