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The Life of Riley

Canadian Celtic/light rock band "The Life Of Riley" have carried out a series of concerts and released a CD with proceeds going to Breast Cancer research. The Album started as a normal dream project but during it's making band leader Larry Riley's wife Sharon developed breast cancer and died on March 7th 2000. Sharon was only 36 yrs, old, leaving behind 2 little children a 5 & 1/2 year old boy and a  3 & 1/2 year old girl. 

 Sharon sings two of the songs on the album and returned to the studio despite her illness to finish her vocals. Sharon made Larry promise to complete the album and donate the money to Cancer research. So far the group has raised  $35,000 with a target of $60,000.

Larry has been doing the Pub scene throughout eastern Canada since 1987.  He opened on 2 occasions for the Clancy Brothers, and for the Irish Descendants. He does lead vocals and plays 12/6sting acoustic guitar & harmonica. Other band members are keyboard/accordion player "Tony Constanti, Electric rhythm guitar/bass player, Gilles Cool, Danny Rossiter bass/ Banjo/ vocals, Goran Petrovic lead Guitarist/ vocals, Ann Laudreville violin/vocals, Tim Rideout, drums & vocals. Their influences are  The Irish Rovers, Bruce Sprinsteen, Patrick Riley and the Eagles.
The songs:                         
Paddy McDonough's:         written by Larry Riley
Drum Beating:                       written by Larry Riley   (sung by  Sharon)
Little Miss Prissy:                 written by Larry Riley  
Black Rock:                            written by Larry Riley/Goran Petrovic
Adam's Song:                        written by Larry Riley
The Spirit Of Anne Kelly:    written by  Goran Petrovic ( instrumental)
Lazy Day:                                written by Larry Riley
A Sailor's Prayer:                   written by Larry Riley  (sung by  Sharon)
Never Say Nay:                      written by Larry Riley
The Curse of Miss Brody:    written by Larry Riley/ Goran Petrovic
The Leprechaun Song :         written by Larry Riley

If you would like to buy a CD or make a donation to the fund, then send a cheque or a money order made to "The Sharon Colton Riley Fund" PO BOX 28, Lachine, Quebec H8S 2NO. The cost of the CD is just $20. taxes included. Please include $2.80 if you live in Quebec and Ontario, or $4.00 for all other regions..

Sharon Colton Riley
 8 months before she died.

I can't even begin to imagine how this would affect me or how helpless I would feel. 
Larry has empowered himself, Sharon will live on in their music and others will be helped. 

Please support this important project. You can visit the bands website at 
where you can find out the latest details.



"The Auld Country" Bob Reeder
Singer songwriter Bob Reeder was born in Independence Missouri and proud of it. His Irish mother a dancer in "The Rockets" in NYC wanted her children to know the joy of music so he was was introduced to school bands and choirs at an early age.
Later on he took to the guitar and folk music. Some of his influences were Joan Baez, Gordon Lightfoot, Peter, Paul & Mary, Clancey Brothers and The Furys.
Bob has made six album's and has written over 100 songs with 20 published.

Produced by Bob Reeder
Published by Blackthorn Records
CD number: RTR6

I hadn't heard Bob singing before so I didn't know what to expect. I hoped it wouldn't be another repeat of what so many have done previous. I was impressed, Bob has a style all of his own. He possesses what many songwriters lack, the ability to paint vivid images in the listeners head and a rich voice to make it all come true.
He has written half the songs on the album taking us on many journeys, into Irish Folklore, to the rowdy pub, the sea, or back into Ireland's eventful past.
One of the delights is the music content. Effort has been made to make this album special. Along with the usual instruments Bob introduces us many exotic ones with names like, saz, tar, cittern and kemanchen from the Middle East. The sounds feel real at home and rest easy on the Irish ear.

My Favourite Tracks

"The Wail of The Ban Sidhe" Wonderful chilling tale taking us to the edge of the grave.

"O'Rourke, O'Connell, And Me"
A rousing trip to the shebeen where much drink is taken, many stories told and fighting talk made.

"The Auld Country"
Beautiful poignant epic tale of the Irish, hard times and emigration.
"So go the woe's of the auld country
One teardrop in the Irish sea.
A guarantee of uncertainty,
So go the woe's of the auld country"
This song should be added to the list of great Irish songs and I'm sure I will hear it sung by others in the future.

No better gift could have been given to Bob by his Irish mother than the gift of music.
He has used his gift well.

"The Auld Country Reprise"
Thanks Bob for giving us another chapter, but do you realise this song will never end? You need to add a verse about "Omagh" a turning point in Irish history and one about the great optimism and hope we have in our country and in our hearts at present.

"The Whales"
Seamen are always one for a good tale.

An instrumental piece composed by Bob, a real unexpected gem. A symphony of sound, five and a half minutes in heaven.

I can't stress enough how good the music is on this album, it gives the songs life, emotion, Irishness, an ethereal spirit.

Bob has been entertaining for 20 years and is the best of craic live, keeping his audience in stitches with his jokes and banter. If you're ever in the Kansas City area you owe it to yourself to go along and see him. Visit his web-site at: for further information. 

Bob's latest  album is a Live Performance double CD. It contains all the songs you'd like to hear and more. It captures the excitement and fun of his shows and the sound quality is first class. You can check it and his other albums out at:   http://www.bobreeder.nett/GenStore.htm

Bob hasn't been to Ireland since 1956 as a child but intends to come back to visit relatives in the near future. He say's he would jump at the chance to tour here. So you just never know,
I might get the chance to stand him a pint yet.


 Mairead Ni Mhaonaigh by David Schofield 

If you want Traditional Irish music at its best then  Altan's the place to start. They took their name from Loch Altan in Donegal. Singer and fiddler Mairead is such a dynamo. David has captured her spirit and soul in this photo.  (Mairead has seen the photo and loved it.) 

David is a a professional sports photographer in the US and you can contact him at  



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