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"Me" by my dad George Brennan

Like most people who take photos I prefer to be behind the camera but of all the photos of me this is the one that I cherish most. My mum tells me that I had big brown eyes was admired by all the girls and spoilt rotten.


My granny Sarah Brennan

My Granny Brennan died when I was 10 but I will always remember her. 

I spent all my holidays with my Granny Brennan and it was just heaven on earth.  I remember how kind she was and how much she loved me. 
If I was good (happened sometimes) she loved me.  If I was bad she loved me just the same.  
As a farmers wife and mother of twelve, (three of which died in infancy)  I'm sure life was hard.  As well as the usual work in the house associated with a big family she also had to help out with the land.   
I recall her milking cows, making bread and  churning butter.  But despite all of this she still had loads of time to spare for me. She'd take me walks, sing to me or tell me stories. 
Her passing away was the first time death touched me and it hurt like hell. Us kids weren't allowed into the bedroom where she lay and  I remember going down the field to be alone, crying and being very very angry with God.


Photo of my Granda Brennan taken with my very first camera just over 30 years ago.  I was named Owen after him. Me and him didn't always get on, I was a bit wild and he was always worrying about something (usually about me doing something dangerous about the place) Later on in life when his health wasn't good he didn't like being left alone. 
 Despite having little education he was a very intelligent man and he was always reading newspaper's with a big magnifying glass.  It was one of my  ambitions to beat him at draughts.  He smoked a pipe and used tobacco that he cut off from a block. I was real envious of his ability to spit accurately into the fire from halfway across the room. 


"Granda" by Owen Brennan
This is my favorite photo of granda because it captures perfectly how he used to sit and think about things. You don't appreciate your grandparents until after they're dead. There are just so many questions I wish I had asked them  at the time, But it's too late now.



"Brown Eyed Girl" by Owen Brennan

Although this photo of my daughter Julie was taken a few years ago it's my favourite one of her. From the moment she was born she had the biggest most beautiful brown eyes you ever saw. Of our two children Julie is the one that most looks like me.


"It's Hard Being Good" by Owen Brennan

Photo of my youngest girl Elaine also taken some time ago. Elaine was always a very determined wee girl and has her own opinions about things. Of our two kids she would be most like me in nature. She is the most talented member of our family and has taught herself to play the piano. She loves reading and writing stories. She has recently gone to live in Cardiff and I miss her, she was always smiling and brought a lot of sunshine into our lives. She loves musicals and the theatre. Elaine helped me a lot with building "Images of Ireland" and has her own "Phantom of the Opera." web site.



Me, my aunt Eileen and my wife Gail

My mum's sister Eileen was my favourite aunt and nearly every Saturday I would visit her for a wee drop of tea and toast made with Ormeau plain bread. She was always in the best of form and put the needs of others first. Eileen hadn't a fancy kitchen, cooker or saucepans but she made very tasty dinners and definitely made the nicest home made vegetable soup in all the world. She enjoyed playing tricks on people and made everyone laugh by dressing up as a young girl at family parties.
Eileen died of cancer a few years ago and I miss her a lot.


A picture  of my mum and dad.


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