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My thanks to my friend Suzanne Neeley for the following epitaph's of Irish immigrants.
Suzanne writes "I live in Nevada, about 30 miles from Virginia City,
where many Irish gold miners were buried...
One epitaph in particular has haunted me...that of Declan O'Connell, died 1861,"
"I came for the love of gold, and found that I had left it behind in Ireland."

"Declan O'Connells Grave" by Suzanne Neeley


Just 2 miles down the hill from Declan O'Connell's grave we find in in Silver City, Nevada
"Here lies Butch. We planted him raw. He was quick on the trigger, but slow on the draw."
Butch was actually John Pearse, a sometime gunslinger but mostly a drunk according to Mark Twain who wrote complete columns about John's exploits including his betrothal dance with a pig.
The articles appeared in the "Territorial Enterprise" which was the most famous and widely circulated paper in the West.

"Union Brewery Saloon" by Suzanne Neeley







The mansion built by John Mckay. Photo by Suzanne Neeley

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