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"Evening Sun" by Owen Brennan

There are photo opportunities everywhere,  just some wild grass against the sun.


Sheepish Posers by Owen Brennan

We have loads of Sheep here in Ireland. These guys are from Donegal


"Fishermen" by Owen Brennan

I don't know if this pair of sea birds are looking with envy at the fishing boat or were just laughing at it. This photo was taken at Brown's Bay, Islandmagee in Country Antrim on Saint Patricks day. The hills in the background are north of Larne.


"On the Doorstep"
by Owen Brennan

Chickens were always seen running around an Irish farm but not so much now. They even used to run in and out of the house looking for crumbs that would fall from the table. Most farmers nowadays don't bother with these busy birds and just buy eggs from the shops. 


"Scraping a Living" by Owen Brennan

Chickens looking for something to eat among the straw. The rooster stands on guard protecting his harem. When I used to spend my holidays as a kid on my granny's farm it was my job to collect the eggs in the morning.  I was always afraid of the rooster as he often chased me but one day I picked up courage and hit him with a stick. He fell over and just lay there, I thought I'd killed him and my granny would blame me but he eventually got up and ran away. After that he still chased me but I wasn't afraid any more. 



by Owen Brennan

I took a notion one day I'd like to photograph some ladybirds so I asked the kids in the street
to keep a lookout for some. A while later they came running shouting we've got hundreds.
It was loads of these caterpillars they'd found.  Not as colourful but just as interesting.  I laways thought that ladybirds were red with black spots but when I looked at them they were browney orange with black spots.  I've actually never seen a true red ladybird,  have you?


"Wildflowers" by Owen Brennan

Wee bunch of wild flowers growing among the rocks on a Donegal seashore.

Wee bunch of wild flowers growing among the rocks on a Donegal seashore.


Glenveagh Fairythimble  by Dave Schofield

All through Donegal one can find this most beautiful flower. It is called Foxglove, however, in Donegal it is referred to as "fairythimble" a name I think suits the flower. While walking through a field near Glenveagh National Park I came upon this fairy thimble peeking out from behind a tree. I love this image and it has stayed with me for many years.... Dave

David is a a professional sports photographer in the US and you can contact him at 

More Fairythimbles by Owen Brennan

As a child my Granny Brennan used to take me walks and as we walked she'd sing and tell me stories.  There was always loads of fairythimbles around the edges of the fields.  We'd pick a few assorted sizes of the flowers and put them on our own fingers. You could also close off the end with your thumb and forefinger and make them "Pop" .... Owen


"Basking Seals" by Owen Brennan

Basking seals on rocks at the southern point of Rathlin Island. It's not often I get the chance to go across on the ferry from Ballycastle to Rathlin so I always take my camera. They were not afraid and seemed reluctant to leave the big flat rocks and allowed me to get within a few feet. Then one by one they slipped into the water and bobbed up and down very close to the rocks.

"Watching Me" by Owen Brennan

The seals stayed quite close looking out at me inquisitively. They dived sometimes and when they surfaced they made very loud snorting noises as the blew air out. It was great to get close to these normally shy creatures. As soon as I walked away they were back out of the water and onto the rocks.


"Mother & Foal" taken by Owen Brennan

Photo of my mum's Shetland Pony Princess  with it's wee foal Tiny.


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