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Homes of Donegal

I just stepped in to see you all,
I'll only stay a while.
I want to see how you're getting on,
I want to see you smile;
I'm happy to be back again,
I greet you big and small
For there's no place else on earth
Just like the Homes of Donegal.

I always see the happy faces,
Smiling at the door,
The kettle swinging on the crook
As I step up the floor;
And soon the taypot's fillin' up
Me cup that's far from small
For your hearts are like your mountains
In the Homes of Donegal.

To see your homes at parting day
Of that I never tire
And hear the porridge bubblin'
In a big pot on the fire.
The lamp alight, the dresser bright,
The big clock on the wall,
0, a sight serene celestial scene
In the Homes of Donegal.

I long to sit along with you
And while away the night
With tales of yore and fairy lore
Beside your fires so bright
And then to see prepared for me
A shake-down by the wall;
There's repose for weary wanderers
In the Homes of Donegal.

Outside the night winds shriek and howl;
Inside there's peace and calm.
The picture on the wall up there's
Our Saviour with a lamp,
The hope of wandering sheep like me
And all who rise and fall.
There's a touch of heavenly love around
The Homes of Donegal.

A tramp I am and a tramp I've been,
A tramp I'll always be.
Me father tramped, me mother tramped;
Sure trampin's bred in me.
If some there are my ways disdain
And won't have me at all
Sure I'll always find a welcome
In the homes of Donegal.

The time has come and I must go;
I bid you all adieu.
The open highway calls me forth
To do the things I do
And when I'm trampin' far away
I'll hear your voices call
And please God I'll soon return unto
The Homes of Donegal.

Written by Sean MacBride

The first record I ever got was Bridie Gallagher singing "The Homes of Donegal". My god mother Aunt Annie's boyfriend bought it for me about 40 years ago.  Annie died a few years ago back but I still have the record it.

My favourite version of this song is by Paul Brady. You can check out this song and Paul's albums via the link to Amazon below. If you make any purchases via this link Images of Ireland will get a wee bit of commission.

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